Table of Contents



By David Brownstein M.D xiii

Part A – Our Basic Thinking


Why I Wrote this Book xvii

Introduction, the Philosophy

How is a Lion Dad is Different from a Tiger Mother xxv

Chapter 1: Why an Ivy League or Elite College?

And is it really hard to get in? 1

Part B – Our Story – What To Do

Chapter 2: Birth Through Pre-K.

The Foundation of an Excellent Life 21

Chapter 3: Elementary School

A Three-step Method to Set Your Child on the Successful Path 37

Chapter 4: Middle School

The   Warm Up 61

Chapter 5: High School – I

Boot Camp – Now It Counts73

Chapter 6: High School – II

The Extras – How to Knock It Out of the Park 87

Chapter 7: Standardized Tests

Life is Graded on a Curve103

Chapter 8: Counselors and Consultants

How to Hire Your Support Team121

Chapter 9: Extracurricular Activities

Who Are You?131

Chapter 10: The Essay

A Window into Your Student’s Mind143

Chapter 11: Admissions Tactics

The  Details that Matter153

Chapter 12: Film, Travel, Volunteering

A Deep Dive into Three Significant Differentiators165

Part C – How To Choose Schools – Pre-K to College

Chapter 13: Which College?

Know Your Values and Beliefs181

Part D – What We Learned That Will Help You

Chapter 14: The  Three Mental Capacities For Success195

Chapter 15: Putting it All Together

The Bird’s Eye View207

Chapter 16: Our Mistakes217

Chapter 17: Summary and Conclusions233

Chapter 18: Education & Parenting in the Pandemic Age

How the Virus is Altering the Scene239


The  Results250

Part E – Questionnaires and Important Comparisons

Parent Questionnaire256

Are You a Lion Parent or a Tiger Parent?

Cub Questionnaire

Does Your Child Think You’re a Lion Parent or Tiger Parent?264



I Value Hierarchy Worksheet for college choice276

II – Max’s Essays for his Ivy League applications285

Resources & Websites for Tutoring, College Admissions and


Notes on Select Chapters305



About the Author405